Computer Software

With time and experience we have found that computer programs allow you to automate processes and streamline the working time but are not a magic solution, because if the company has organizational shortcomings those will continue even with the program, therefore our work begins with the advice and consulting to improve business processes of your company, then develop the program in question to automate them.

Different companies have things in common but in turn each has its merits, therefore, we do not sell canned software, however, our software fits your business instead you need a way of working to use the software. In all our projects look you can see the results and continuously advance, for this reason, we make what are called previous installments, so you do not need to wait until the end of the project to use the software, instead, as development advances, it will be available to be used, because this, can quickly detect the necessary adjustments that may arise.

We work with the leading technologies: Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, PHP, Java, MySql. We develop new systems, do maintenance and support of currently in-use software. We have different types of work which will recommend according to each situation.

  • php
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • .Net MVC
  • Bootstrap
  • apache
  • subversion
  • git
  • MySql
  • Symfony
  • IIS7

Pre built Software

Earlier we mentioned that companies have things in common, considering this situation we have developed software to cover this.

  • Billing
  • Stock control
  • Checking account
  • Finances
  • And more…

This range of programs are semi finished, the great benefit of this is that they are completed according to customer requirements to suit their particularities, allowing achieve excellent results and with less cost than custom software.

Custom Software

When the task or activity of the company is private or specifically, it is best not to force an adaptation to an existing or pre-assembled software, intead, we recommend developing customized software that achieves optimal results because it is made exclusively according to the customer needs after a thorough analysis.

  • Get just what you are looking for
  • Total flexibly to the requirements of your company
  • Continuous evolution with your needs
  • Design made solely to reflect your brand
  • Based on an idea, no limits ...

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