Google today launched a new service for email from Gmail, his name is Inbox. Promises an innovative concept that goes beyond email to help you find what you care faster.

The email began over 30 years ago as a simple system of leaving messages between users of a computer system and today anyone can communicate with others through this system, as for example with a smart phone, you can send and receive emails anywhere and easily, with multimedia elements such as images and videos, among others.
Google, over time, is always trying to innovate their services and make them easier to use and attractive, not least because it has managed to have 450 million users worldwide.

A few years ago, after the commercial failure of products like Wave or Buzz, promising to revolutionize the way people communicated, now comes Inbox. With past experience, realized that the key is not innovate too but rather use the known formula for success and improvement. With this concept in mind, this service aims to improve the organization of the emails we receive every day, whether notification purchases from popular sites such as travel reservations and shows, among others.

The idea is to extract the most relevant information for each mail and display it in a simple way for interpreting its content and have it handy when you seek. For example if the email includes attached images, these will be displayed in thumbnails to know at a glance that it is.
This service is free and available now on PC, Android and iOS devices.

Currently only accessible by invitation of some existing user, or requesting an invite writing an email to and then wait a few days I got us the expected invitation to start using the service. It is fully compatible with current input tray and you can switch between the classic way to display the contents or new by Google Inbox.

For more information, go to Official site of Google Inbox